[ आज का जीरा का भाव 2023 ] Know cumin market Jodhpur, Gujarat, Unjha Mandi, Merta, Nagaur, Rajasthan – Jira ka bhav today

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Last Updated on February 27, 2023 by chanchal kumawat

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Cumin crop is prepared in special weather and environment, due to uneven weather, the crop has to suffer a lot, due to which both yield and production are affected. Suitable weather is found only in Gujarat and Rajasthan. The highest production of cumin in India is in the state of Gujarat only. Let’s know what are the prices of cumin in major mandis today-


This time the production of cumin has been greatly affected by rain and wind – This time, for the first time, cumin has been sold at a price of Rs.30,000 per quintal.

Increase in the prices of cumin There are many reasons, due to which fluctuations are seen in the prices of cumin – government storage, private storage, stock of cumin near mandis. After India, the crop is said to be affected in countries like Syria and Turkey, the major producers of cumin.

Cumin price today 27 February 2023 –

Major Cumin Markets Maximum price Rs. / quintal
Nagaur Jeera Mandi- Rajasthan 29140/-
Jeera Mandi Jodhpur – RJ 28580/-
Sami – Gujarat 24250/-
merta mandi cumin price 28800/-
Unjha mandi cumin price 30080/-
Jamnagar 20790/-
barmer mandi cumin price 28700/-
Jayal Rajasthan Mandi 28670/-
Sanchore Mandi Cumin 28890/-
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dhorimna mandi cumin price ,
Mahuva – Station Road – Gujarat 20290/-
Porbandar 25500/-
Gujarat – Patan Mandi 24130/-
Mumbai Jeera Medium 25000/-
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When will the price of cumin increase?

In the country, Gujarat, Rajasthan are mainly considered for cumin production – at present, cumin can be considered as booming days, Because this time the sowing area and yield of cumin crop has decreased in the country. Compared to last year, cumin is being sold at a higher price of Rs. 5 to 10 thousand per quintal.

What is the rate of cumin in 2023?

Cumin is such a spice crop, which is quickly affected by weather changes. As soon as the crop is affected in the country and abroad, there is a rise in the prices. These days the price of cumin – Rs 28000/quintal running around.
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Where do you get good quality cumin?

Good quality cumin is found only where it is produced. Major cumin markets in the country – The trade of cumin spice is thriving in many states along with Gujarat, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Kerala, etc.

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