[ उत्तर प्रदेश में प्याज का भाव 2023 ] Know what is the rate of onion in UP – Onion rate in up today

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Last Updated on February 27, 2023 by Ashwini Kumawat

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Along with rising inflation in many vegetable markets of the state, an increase in the prices of vegetables is also being seen. These days, there is a good movement in the prices of peas and onion, tomato, garlic in the mandis of UP. Please tell that due to the normalization of garlic and onion prices, some confidence is being created among the farmers.

Let’s know, These days what are the rates of onion in the mandis of UP And what will be the next step –


February 27 2023 Onion price in Uttar Pradesh –

Onion Rate in Up Today

What will be the price of onion in the coming time?

At the beginning of the new year, a good arrival of old onions is being seen in major onion markets, due to which new onions are not getting strong prices. New onions are expected to get good prices after the arrival of old onions in the markets and mandis. This time onion crop is also considered good, onion can shine if demand and export policy works.

Will onions become expensive again?

Good arrival is being seen from the onion stock in the mandis. This time the prices for the new crop of onions have not been good – due to which the farmers are angry, due to the equal supply and demand of onions in the country, stability is being seen in the prices. Prices are expected to rise in the festive season.

Latest news of onion price –

Instead of giving good profit to the farmers this time, onion made it difficult to raise the cost. In major onion producing states of the country, red onion is being sold at stable prices. , onion news today

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