[ गाँव में कृषि आधारित व्यवसाय 2023 ] Know which is the best business for the farmer, farming, animal husbandry based, farming machinery, fertilizer-seed service – Top 10 Agriculture Business In Village

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Since the beginning, the agricultural sector has been an important contributor to the world, the economic and social structure of the rural population is also a vaccine on this. Agriculture is now taking the form of business and advanced techniques for the growing population. For conscious and good profitable businesses, farmers and young generation should start some agro-based business in their village –


If you also live in the village, and are looking for a job, then today’s article is going to be very special for you – because in this article we will give information related to business, such a business which you can start in your village. /can open In this article you will get many important information like – What is agro based business? How to generate agriculture based employment in rural areas? What is the main occupation of the rural people? Agriculture based business in village 2023? Today we will talk about the top 10 well run business in rural areas?

What is agro based business?

For your information, let us tell you that an agro-based business is one that prepares agricultural production from plants and animals on the basis of its raw materials. Agriculture business includes the business of making cloth, vegetable oil industry, leather goods, tea, coffee etc. By starting agro based business from local market to foreign export, you can increase your income manifold.

What is the main occupation of the rural people?

Agriculture-based business of highest income in rural areas in India – fertilizer-seed shop, agriculture consultant, dairy business, fish farming, goat farming, beekeeping, mushroom production business, poultry business etc. You can start in your village. Can

agro based business in village

Top 10 Agriculture based business in village 2023 –

People’s faith in immense opportunities and good income in agriculture is increasing. There are many such businesses based on agriculture, in which you can start a good business even by investing very little money, which will give you a lot of profit –

  1. Dairy business: – At present, dairy business is a good business, you will get a lot of profit in it. To start this business, you can sell milk from the local market to the big dairy industry by rearing some good cows and buffaloes, you can also buy milk from other people at low prices.
  2. Business of flowers: – Flowers are mostly used in religious and worship, apart from this there is a lot of demand for flowers in political events, weddings, birthday parties. You can also earn a lot of profit from the business of flowers.
  3. Vermi Compost Organic Fertilizer :- Now farmers are getting attracted towards natural farming, due to this, if you start the business of organic fertilizers, then there are more chances that your business will run, because only you will have the business of organic fertilizers in your village.
  4. Mushroom farming :- Due to good demand in the market, farmers near urban areas are earning good profit in mushroom cultivation, because of its high price in the market, the farmer also gets a good price.
  5. Business of poultry form: – Egg would be good for our health, if you want to open a poultry farm, then you have to make arrangements for keeping the chickens and feeding them. If you want to do the business of poultry form on a small scale, then it may cost you about 50 thousand rupees. For this, you have to get the registration done from the nearest husbandry department and also keep the name of the form.
  6. Fruit juice business: – The summer season is about to start in a few days, due to which people like to drink juices more. Apart from this, fruit juice is very beneficial for our health, even doctors always advise us to drink juice. If you want to start this business on a small scale, then you do not need to invest capital in it. You can sell juice in your village and nearby market only.
  7. Herbal medicinal agribusiness :- If you have a little bit of land then you can easily do this business but in this you should have such an understanding of herbs. After Kovid-19, people’s faith towards Ayurvedic seems to be increasing.
  8. Fish farming business: – India is the second leading producer of fish through aquaculture, contributing about 7.7% of the global fish production. If you put 500 to 600 fish in a water tank, then after one month you can easily earn a profit of 20 to 25 thousand from it.
  9. Spice business: – If you start the business of spices, then you will get a lot of profit in it. From green vegetables to spices, after drying and packing the spices in packets, you can also send them to the market.
  10. Beekeeping Business: – This business is growing very fast, it does not require much space. You can do beekeeping from a small farm to horticulture, garden.
agro based business in village

Machinery business, dairy, vegetable farming, irrigation and electric motor repair, fertilizer-seed service in the village.

If you want to start a good business in your village, then you will have to invest at least 15 to 20 thousand rupees for this. For your information, let us tell you that the bigger your business, the more will be its expenses and income/earnings. If If you do farming in the village, then apart from selling vegetables in the mandis, you can also open a vegetable shop and make it a source of income.

If you do not have your own farm in the village, then you Tractor Machinery Business, Borewell/Kua Electric Motor Repair and Fertilizer-Seed Business can do

How to generate agriculture based employment in rural areas?

Employment can be developed in rural areas by adopting every scheme of the government and advanced technology developed in agriculture. All the new employment of agriculture can be developed in the villages, For example, immense employment opportunities can be seen in greenhouse, tractor agency, fertilizer-seed shop, soil testing, agriculture consultant, farmer loan facility, dairy, agricultural product processing, meat-fish, egg industry etc.

What is the capital cost for doing agriculture business in the village?

Agri business capital depends on your business, what kind of business you are starting. If you start any business, it will cost you 25 to 50 thousand rupees in the beginning, it can also cost more. You have to start some kind of business which has not been started by anyone else in your village or is less in number.

agro based business in village

Profit/earning from agriculture based business?

  • If you start your own business and if your business goes well, you will get a lot of money.
  • You can earn at least 15 to 20 thousand rupees per month even from small business.
  • if your Business If running well, your profits are sure to increase every year.
  • By starting a business, you can give employment to other people in the village as well, and you can also withdraw your earnings on their hard work.

Which is the best 10 business for a farmer?

There are many such businesses that you can do in your village itself, such as agricultural equipment showroom, selling parts, fish farming, poultry farm house, dairy business, animal husbandry business, vegetable business, fruit business, etc. It is a rural business of cost and good income.

Government cooperation in rural business?

Government cooperation in rural business includes 5 types of businesses such as – dairy business, agriculture clinic, organic farming, poultry, cold storage, etc. , Before starting any agriculture based work, you can get information about subsidy and government cooperation from your nearest agriculture office.

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