[ गेहूं का रेट आज का 2023 ] Arrival of new crop of wheat started, wheat prices shine – Gehu ka bhav today

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Last Updated on February 27, 2023 by chanchal kumawat

What will be the rate of wheat in 2023? Wheat rate today up 2023 | Wheat rate today. Wheat price –

Government procurement of wheat is expected to be good in the country, but due to good prices, farmers can sell the new crop of wheat in the open market. According to market experts, like last year, a good increase in wheat prices is expected. , Last year, due to the export policy of the government, wheat prices were seen rising up to Rs. 4,000 / quintal in the country, due to which farmers were seen earning good profits by selling wheat to local traders instead of government mandis.


At present, wheat is being sold at its soft prices – let us know at what price wheat is being sold today in the major mandis of the country –

February 27 2023 wheat rate today –

major wheat markets Minimum price of wheat in Rs. / quintal maximum price of wheat
UP Meerut mandi wheat price 1950 ₹ 2180₹
Agra Mandi 1950 ₹ 2190₹
indore mandi wheat price 2000 ₹ 2640₹
ratlam mp mandi wheat price today 1900₹ 2610/-
Lalsot Mandi 1900₹ 2820/-
Aligarh Wheat Market- UP 1930 ₹ 2340₹
mainpuri mandi wheat price 1900₹ 2180/-
Kanpur-UP mandi wheat price 1850 ₹ 2210₹
etah mandi wheat price 1970 ₹ 2250 ₹
Mandsaur Mandi today’s wheat medium 1850 ₹ 2660₹
Bhavnagar Mandi- Wheat Price 2060 ₹ 2800₹
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Dewas Mandi Wheat Price- HD- 2285 1950 ₹ 2730/-
Nagpur-MH Wheat Market Price 1900₹ 2380₹
karnataka mandi wheat price 2750₹ 3700/-
Alwar Mandi 1950 ₹ 2780₹
Gujarat-Rajkot Mandi Wheat Sharbati 2000 ₹ 2870₹
haryana wheat market price 1950 ₹ ,
Javra Mandi – Wheat Price 1900₹ 2580 ₹
Bihar- Kishanganj mandi wheat rate 1870 ₹ 2550 ₹
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Ujjain Mandi – Wheat price 1980₹ 2650 ₹
Akola Mandi-Wheat Rate 1970 ₹ 2600/-
karanja mandi today’s wheat 1980₹ 2300/-
Chowmun Mandi – Wheat price 1880₹ 2790₹
Harda Mandi wheat price 1900₹ 2700 ₹

price of wheat today

What is the rate of wheat going on?

At present, the arrival of the new crop of wheat is awaited in the mandis, daily fluctuations of 200-300 are being seen in the sale of old stock. Now the wheat of the farmers is being sold in the open market at prices around the MSP rate, the rate of wheat today – From 1900 to 1900, good quality wheat is being sold at prices around Rs.2900/quintal.

Fresh market price of Sharbati wheat?

Nagpur Mandi – Sharbati Wheat Price 3350/Q
Maharashtra – Akola Sharbati Wheat Rate 3380/Q
Vidisha Mandi 3110/Q
Wheat Sharbati Indore Mandi 2770/Q
Ashoknagar Wheat Sharbati 2810/Q

Where is the maximum production of wheat?

At present, states like Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan are ahead in the production of wheat. Uttar Pradesh is the largest wheat growing state in India, accounting for 34% of the country’s total wheat production and wheat crop is grown in 96 lakh hectares of land. , wheat crop latest news

How long can the price of wheat increase?

Wheat price at present in major mandis From 1900 to top quality Rs 2900 / quintal It seems to be sold for Rs. Good arrival of 2023 rabi crops is being seen in mandis, prices are also being seen good this time. Now the increase in wheat prices will depend on domestic demand, government’s new export policy.

Which is the best wheat?

HI-8663 (Poshan) and Sharbati Gehu have been recognized as the best and best eating wheat in the country, which Market price starts from 3 thousand happens.

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