[ ग्वार का भाव आज का 2023 ] Know the price of Guar in major mandis these days – Gawar ka bhav today

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Last Updated on February 27, 2023 by chanchal kumawat

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At present, a rise is being seen in the prices of guar in the mandis of the country. In the mandis of Rajasthan, Haryana, UP, MP, Gujarat, there has been a historic jump in the prices of Guar in the past days. The demand of guar is increasing continuously in the international markets, let us know what are the prices of guar today in many major mandis of the country –


Guar price today, 27 February 2023 –

major import markets Maximum price in Rs./quintal
Maharashtra – Nashik Guar 6000/-
Mumbai market 6500/-
Pune Guar Medium 6500/-
guar price today solapur 6000/-
Ellenabad 4790/-
Rewari Mandi 4880/-
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Jodhpur 5530/-
Sadulpur 5540/-
Churu mandi guar price 5570/-
Barmer 5500/-
Ganganagar aaj ka Gawar ka bhav 5760/-
Jaipur Mandi 5340/-
gujarat mansa mandi guar price today 5450/-
Sirsa Guar 5180/-
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Meham – Haryana Mandi 4670/-
Morbi Local Guar Rate – Gujarat Mandi 6000/-
rohtak gawar ka bhav 5730/-
Alot – Madhya Pradesh Guar Market Price 5700/-

guar price future 2023

Presently, a slight increase is being seen in the rate of guar, there are many reasons behind this. If we talk about guar price future, this year’s guar crop is said to be good, there is a need for guar gum in the international markets, the country’s export has also improved a lot. ,

According to agricultural traders, there is a good possibility of a rise in the prices of Guar in the coming days, these days the prices of 7000/Q have been touched in many mandis of the country.

Guar price Rajasthan?

Guar prices in Rajasthan these days From 4200 to 7000 rupees per quintal The middle is seen to be sold.

Will guar prices increase?

Like 2011-12, all the farmers/traders have hope for increase in prices. At present, traders are engaged in good procurement of guar. Due to the weakness in guar new yield of 2022, it is being told to see brightness in the prices at present.
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