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gram cutting machine price | How much is the gram cutting machine? Chana Cutting Harvester |

Today, more than one high-tech machines have been developed in the market for harvesting crops. Chaff Harvester is also known as Chaff Harvester. There are many different parts of this machine for cutting gram crop, such as cutter bar, cutter blade, elevator, fan and engine etc. ,


This machine cuts the gram crop in large quantities, which is faster than manual cutting. Apart from this, using this machine takes less time to harvest the crop, thereby saving a lot of time to the farmers.

What is gram cutting machine?

Gram cutting machine is a type of advanced technology machine, which separates the gram grain by removing the standing crop and peel of gram. This machine is considered more useful and in demand at the time of harvesting of crops in Rabi season.

Chana cutting machines are made on long blades ranging from small to large sizes. There are two metal sharp V shaped blades that cut the gram crop from 2 to 4 inches above the ground. These two metal blades are rotated back and forth at different speeds, so that the dried chickpeas are cut and passed through the conveyor belt to the thresher system. In this way the chickpea harvester simplifies the chickpea production process and reduces the need for humans to harvest the crop.

Which are the gram cutting machines?

The chickpea harvester machines in the market come in different types and capacities. Following are some of the useful machines –

Small blade size chana cutting machines – These machines are suitable for small scale producers who sell their products directly to customers. The size of these machines is small due to which they can be used easily.

Large Blade Chickpea Harvester – This type of machine proves to be good for farmers with large acreage. This type of farmer who earns rent or good income in agricultural work Large Blade Chickpea Harvester You can use. These machines are of very high cutting capacity.

Semi-automatic gram harvesting machines – This machine is more popular in foreign countries. Semi-automatic chana harvesting machines are based on advanced agricultural techniques, are more useful for large area farmers.

Price of gram cutting machine?

Let us tell you, the price of gram harvester depends on their harvesting capacity, size, and features. The price of small machines starts from 10 to 50 thousand rupees whereas the price of machines with large capacity and high technologies can go up to lakhs of rupees.

Prices for most machines can be found online or from local vendors. The price of gram cutting machines of some agricultural machinery brands starts from around Rs.10,000.

Chickpea harvester?

There are many types of chickpea harvesters. These harvesters are usually two wheeled and are mostly designed to cut gram from the right side.

The chana harvester consists of some chaff cutting blades, which are used to cut chana. After cutting the gram, the harvester lowers it down with the help of a belt to collect it. Apart from these harvesters, there are also small machines like tractor mounted chaff scoopers which help in cutting and collecting chaff.

chana harvester price Varies by brand and model. The price of these harvesters starts from lakhs of rupees.

Main types and names of parts of gram cutting machine?

All types of machines are made up of parts of their own type, model, and special design –

Tractor-Type Chana Cutter – This machine is attached with a tractor and has a large cutting blade for cutting gram.

Self Propelled Chana Cutter – You need to lift/drive and operate these machines yourself. A power engine is attached to this machine, which gives power to cut the crop. Farmer brother, it can be run properly in the form of small machines.

Trailer Mounted Chana Cutter – It is mounted on the back of a tractor and has a blade that cuts the gram crop at 2 to 4 inches from the top.

How to use chickpea cutting machine?

Chana harvesting machine can be used in the following ways –

Crop preparation It is considered best to use these machines on well matured crops. Seeing the stage of ripening of the crop and cutting the crop at the right time, chickpea cutting machine Can be used with good cleaning.

Set up the machine Machine on the basis of gram field, acreage, area chickpea cutting machine must be properly set or selected correctly. The height of the cutter blades and the speed of the blades should be set for cutting the crop.

operate the machine To cut gram, start the machine to run and move it to the harvest. Now, set the cutter blades to cut the gram and move the machine to the crop while moving.

Storage of produce/produce – At the time of harvesting gram, keep emptying the gram seed yield from time to time. If there is moisture in the produce, empty it in the sun or open place, otherwise it can be stored in sacks or packing.

Advantages of automatic reaper machine for gram?

The advantages of gram harvesting reaper machine are –

Efficient and convenient By using the machine the farmer gets rid of labor in wages. These machines make the work neat and convenient. By using this type of machines, only one or two persons can harvest the crop of the entire field.

less time and labor By using the machine, the work of harvesting chickpea crop does not take much time and labor is also less. By using automatic reaper machine more gram can be harvested and it also takes less labour/labour.

more productivity Productivity is increased by using automatic gram cutting machine. By harvesting ripe crops with machines, big fields can be emptied on time. The speed of the machine and the fast cutter blade make it easy to work with large acreage fields.

Less cost – The use of the machine results in less labor cost than the labor cost on individual labor, which brings down the overall cost of the farmer.

Chana Harvester Machines Main Parts Name ?

Following are the major parts of gram harvester machines –

cutter bar Cutter bar is a straight long bar made of metal, which is used for cutting bunches of gram crop.

cutter blade – The cutter blade is made of some metal in a V sharp shape, which is used to cut the bunches of gram.

Elevator An elevator is a belt-assisted harvesting system that is used to lift the bunches of chickpeas after they have been cut.

Fan Fan is a high speed flowing machine, which is used to clean the chana leaves after cutting the chana bunches.

Engine for power A commercial engine is used to cut the bunches of gram, which makes a sound and propels the machine while moving.

Where to get the reaper for cutting gram and lentils?

Reapers for cutting gram and lentils can usually be bought from the sellers of agricultural equipment / agricultural machinery showrooms. These implements can also be bought online or from local farm implement shops.
If you want to shop online, you can also buy from various farm equipment sellers such as Amazon, Flipkart, Indiamart and other websites. In the big cities closest to you, farm equipment shops are easily available.

How much is the subsidy on gram cutting machine?

Subsidy facility is given on the purchase of agricultural implements from sowing to harvesting of crops in every rabi season, in which 25% to 75% grant amount is given
If you want to know about subsidy on chana harvester in your area then you should contact your local agriculture department or government officials.

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