[ देवास मंडी भाव आज 2023 ] Know wheat, mustard, gram, onion, garlic, dollar gram market price – Dewas mandi bhav today

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Last Updated on February 27, 2023 by Pooja Kumawat

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Hello farmers and businessmen brothers, we will talk about Dewas Mandi, where agricultural trade worth lakhs of rupees is done every day. Mainly wheat, soyabean, gram, pulses/vegetables/spices, maize keep coming in Dewas Mandi throughout the year. , In this article you will know with Dewas Mandi Today’s latest rates of other markets like- Bagla, Dewas, Hatpipalya, Kannod, Khategaon, Sontakat, Loharda –


Let us know, these days, what are the prices of agricultural commodities in the mandis of Dewas region –

27 February 2023 Dewas grain market price –

Dewas mandi oilseeds crop prices –

See Dewas market price in video – youtube dewas mandi price

Dewas Pulses Market Market Price –

Price of Dewas vegetable market –

produce name Maximum price in Rs./quintal
Cauliflower 1000/-
Eggplant 900/-
Garlic Desi 1200/-
Onions 1300/-
potato storage Chilli Nursery
Cabbage 800/-
Potato Potato 1300/-
Tomato 1000/-
Green chilly 1500/-

Latest News of Dewas Grain Market – dewas mandi news

Prices of other medicinal crops –

inbound produce Price in Rs/quintal
rye 5200/-
Fenugreek around 3990/-
price of tamarind ,
coriander (dry) 5250/-
Ashwagandha 31200/-

Information about Dewas Mandi –

full address Maxi Road Agricultural Produce Market Committee- Dewas
market holiday Sundays and all public holidays
bidding time 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
dewas mandi contact number [email protected]
major incoming crops throughout the year Wheat, soybean, gram, pulses/vegetables/spices, maize
Krishi Upaj Mandi Samiti, Dewas

What is the price of garlic, onion, dollar gram in Dewas mandi?

These days the prices of agricultural produce are running in the mandis of Dewas as follows –
– Garlic – In the mandis of Dewas, garlic is being sold from Rs.800 to Rs.4500/quintal of top quality garlic.
– Onion – is being sold from 700 to a maximum of 2100 per quintal in good quality.
– Dollar gram – Talking about the maximum prices, it seems to be hovering around 13,000 /Q.

Is Dewas market open or closed?

According to the Madhya Pradesh Agricultural Marketing Board, all government holidays are applicable in Dewas Mandi. Means, the market of Dewas remains closed on Sundays and special days, birth anniversary etc. government holidays.

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