[ प्याज मंडी MP 2023 ] Onion price in Madhya Pradesh today mp – Nashik, Sehore – Mp onion mandi bhav

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Last Updated on February 25, 2023 by Pooja Kumawat

Today onion market price 2023 today mp | Onion price in Madhya Pradesh – Pyaj ka bhav today mp | mp onion mandi bhav | Indore, Bhopal, Mandsaur, Sehore, Gwalior

Due to onion market down, due to high arrival in the state and low demand for onions, there is a continuous decline in the prices, onion producing farmers are very worried. Onions of MP-MP are known by the name of good quality in the country, due to which its demand remains high throughout the year in the country and abroad.

This time the arrival of new crop of onion has started in the market, but at present onion is being sold at down prices – let us know what is the price of onion in the major mandis of Madhya Pradesh today –


25 February 2023 onion market price mp

major markets Price in Rs/quintal
pipariya onion market price today 1300/-
Indore-Indore 730/-
kukshi onion mandi 700/-
mandsaur mandsaur mandi 370/-
Khandwa- Indore Mandi 500/-
black peepal 590/-
Jhabua (Thandla) Mandi Onion 1000/-
Jabalpur-Jabalpur 1300/-
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ratlam mp 500/-
Harda 840/-
Saver Onion Market 1020/-
neemuch mandi onion price 750/-
Bhopal Mandi 800/-
Dhar-Dhar 1020/-
dewas 700/-
Hatpipalya 1100/-
Neemuch 400/-
Sendhwa 900/-
Dhamnod 700/-
Selana Onion Market 460/-
Chhindwara 1200/-
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Gwalior (Morena) 1100/-
Shajapur 700/-

When will onion prices increase in Madhya Pradesh?

This time the new yield of onion of MP is getting Rs. 5000 to 1500/quintal – as well as supply has started in nearby states as well. , Good prices can be seen in new onions only if the domestic demand increases in the country and the government makes proper arrangements for export policy and onion storage.

What will be the onion prices in 2023?

It is difficult to make a complete estimate of what the prices are going to be in the future, but if MP’s onions start arriving in the states across the country and if the local farmers have proper arrangements for storage, then there can be a possibility of increasing onion rates.
Onion price in future There may be normal prices for the removal of old stock, but the new crop of onion is expected to get good prices.

onion market news 2023

These days, the agriculture trade of old stock/stock of onion is going on with weakness, where farmers, traders, mandis, country-foreign import-export, new produce and market demand are worried about good prices – onion crop latest news

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