[ मध्यप्रदेश में गेहूं का भाव 2023 ] Know today’s market price of Madhya Pradesh – Daily – Madhya Pradesh Wheat Rate Today

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Last Updated on February 25, 2023 by Pooja Kumawat

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Hello farmers and businessmen brothers, we will talk, what are the prices of wheat these days in the grain markets of Madhya Pradesh and what will be the boom-slowdown in the future. Due to the ban on export of wheat abroad, the farmers and traders have got a blow, due to which the hope of increasing the price of wheat is less visible. At present, the prices of wheat in all the mandis of the state seem to be decreasing as compared to last year, which is said to be due to traders from nearby states, ban on export of wheat abroad and only domestic demand.


This time in Madhya Pradesh The government has increased the support price (MSP) of wheat by Rs 110 to Rs 2,125 per quintal for the crop year 2023-24.But due to good demand in the local market, it is seen to be purchased at prices ranging from Rs 2000 to Rs 3000 / quintal –

Let us know, today the fresh price of wheat in all the mandis like Vidisha, Indore, Khargone, Ujjain, Dhar –

25 February 2023 wheat price mp –

major markets Price in rupees / quintal
Indore-Indore mandi wheat price 2650/-
Khandwa 2700/-
Singrauli-Singrauli Wheat Market 2600/-
Rewa-Rewa Mandi wheat rate 2640/-
Jhabua Mandi 2750/-
Khargone 2750/-
Dhar mandi wheat price 2600/-
Vidisha 2640/-
Jabalpur / Jabalpur wheat rate 2770/-
Rajnagar 2600/-
Guna-Guna 2620/-
Narsingpur 2620/-
Shajapur 2640/-
Katni-Katni 2750/-
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Neemuch Wheat Market 2640/-
Sagar- Devendranagar 2180/-
Bhopal 2650/-
Ujjain Grain Market 2650/-
Ashoknagar Mandi Wheat Rate 2700/-

When will the price of wheat increase in Madhya Pradesh?

The arrival of Rabi season 2023 produce has started in almost all the mandis of the state, and the prices are also expected to remain good. Last year, good growth and earnings were seen in wheat, but due to ban on export of wheat, till now the price remained between Rs.1700 to Rs.3000/quintal.

Wheat production in Madhya Pradesh?

Wheat is sown on more than 55 lakh hectares of land every year in the state. Last year, 1,29,28,000 metric tonnes of wheat was procured by the government after record breaking production.
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What is the price of Sharbati wheat in Madhya Pradesh?

The arrival of Sharbati wheat is mainly being seen in Indore, Siroh, Ashta, Ashoknagar, Vidisa, Guna, Bhopal, Sagar mandis, where prices range from Rs 2500 to a maximum of Rs 3550 / quintal. |

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