[ यूपी गेहूं का रेट 2023 ] Know today’s market price of wheat in Uttar Pradesh – Uttar Pradesh Wheat Rate Today

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Last Updated on February 27, 2023 by Pooja Kumawat

What is the price of wheat in UP? What is the rate of wheat in UP? Wheat rate today Uttar Pradesh, Moradabad, Meerut Mandi, Mathura Mandi, Kanpur, Aligarh, Jalaun –


Hello farmers and businessmen brothers, this time the price of wheat has been seen good in the grain markets of Uttar Pradesh, let us tell you that if wheat export is good this year too, there can be a good glow in the prices of wheat. The arrival of new crop of wheat has started in almost all the mandis of UP. Let us know, what are the prices of wheat in all the mandis of UP today –

27 February 2023 wheat price up –

major wheat arrival markets Price in rupees / quintal
meerut mandi wheat price 2380/-
Moradabad 2520/-
Fatehpur Wheat Market 2210/-
mathura mandi wheat rate 2270/-
Hamirpur Mandi 2280/-
Deoria 2430/-
jalaun mandi wheat price 2190/-
Kanpur Dehat 2240/-
unnao wheat rate 2340/-
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Azamgarh Mandi 2390/-
Aligarh 2280/-
Ghazipur 2690/-
Gorakhpur 2290/-
mainpuri wheat price 2220/-
Gounda 2450/-
Jhansi Mandi 2570/-
Market price of wheat in Uttar Pradesh today

When will the rate of UP wheat increase?

At present, good arrival of wheat is being seen in the mandis, so wheat has remained from 1900 to 2900. This time wheat is getting good price – last time farmers got average price of Rs.3000/quintal for wheat due to good export. If we talk about the increase in prices, then due to increase in domestic demand of wheat and foreign export of wheat, there can be a rise of Rs. 3,000 / quintal.

What is the price of wheat in UP these days?

In all the mandis of the state, rates of wheat ranging from 1900 to good quality are being seen up to a maximum of Rs 2900/quintal.

Wheat production in India?

Wheat is sown in about 98.42 lakh hectares every year in UP. Talking about production, about 378.92 lakh metric tonnes is produced – wheat production news

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