[ राजस्थान मंडी लहसुन का भाव Today 2023 ] Know the price of garlic sold today in Kota, Ajmer, Jaipur, Jodhpur, Bikaner, Chhabra mandis – Rajasthan garlic mandi bhav

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Last Updated on February 27, 2023 by chanchal kumawat

Garlic price in Rajasthan | Rajasthan mandi garlic price | Rajasthan garlic mandi rates

Good arrival of garlic is being seen in the mandis of the state, but stability is visible in the prices. This time, due to less demand for garlic, the effect of garlic is less visible in the market. Farmers and traders are in despair due to low prices in mandis. Let us know, what is the price of garlic sold today in the mandis of Rajasthan –


27 February 2023 What is the price of garlic in Rajasthan market?

major garlic arrival markets Maximum price in Rs./quintal
Kota / kota mandi garlic bhav today 1800/-
Jaipur Mandi 2600/-
Ajmer 1800/-
Pratapgarh Garlic Rate 1520/-
bikaner garlic price 2500/-
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Jodhpur Mandi 4010/-
Nimbahera 1900/-
Chhoti Saddi 3070/-around
chhabra 1640/-
Garlic in Daloda Mandi ,
baran garlic market price 1700/-
Ganganagar ,
Nagaur 3470/-around
Rajsamand 3000/-
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Jalore 4010/-
Suratgarh ,
Bhilwara ,
Sikar Mandi Garlic 2390/-

Which is the biggest garlic market in Rajasthan?

The arrival of garlic in the state and the large-scale trade between farmers and traders The biggest garlic market of Bara and Kota Mandi has been considered. Apart from the state, traders from other states are also engaged in buying and selling garlic throughout the year in these mandis.

How long will the garlic boom last?

In the hope of getting good price for garlic in mandis and market, farmers cultivated a good amount of area in this crop year, but due to less demand in the country and abroad, hope seems to be dashing. According to agricultural market experts, the prices of garlic should have increased, but they have not increased, if the demand remains good in future, then there is full hope that the prices will also remain good.

What is the rate of Garlic in Bara Mandi?

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