[ रायबरेली मंडी का भाव 2023 ] Know today’s latest prices of vegetables, grains, fruits, pulses, oilseeds crops in Rae Bareli Mandi

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Last Updated on February 27, 2023 by Ashwini Kumawat

Price of Rae Bareli Mandi | Raebarelli Mandi Bhav today | Rae Bareli Mandi Rates Online | Rae Bareli Sabji Mandi

Rae Bareli Mandi is considered to be one of the major grain markets of Uttar Pradesh, where many agricultural products are bought and sold daily. Here you can see the rates of online market in which you can see the latest prices of vegetables, cereals, fruits, pulses, oilseeds crops, so let’s know what has been the Rae Bareilly market price today –


February 27 2023 Rae Bareli market price today –

Wheat (Dada) 2150/-
corn yellow 2380/-
millet hybrid ,
Barley 2775/-
Rice (III) 2530/-
rice first ,
High tide ,
ragi ,

raebareli sabji mandi bhav –

Teroi Hari ,
tomato puree 725/-
Cauliflower 758/-
Potato (White) 610/-
ladyfinger ,
Cucumber 1630/-
onion (red) 1152/-
Green chilly) 2503/-
Garlic 3238/-
Ginger 4032/-
Eggplant ,

Rae Bareli Pulses Crops Price?

pea white 5850/-
split pea 6238/-
Bengal gram lentil 6275/-
urad (black) 7485/-
Pigeon Pea 9770/-
chickpea small 5625/-
Black Urad Dal (peeled) 8550/-

Rae Bareli Mandi Fruits Online Rates –

Lemon 4375/-
sweet lime / orange 3675/-
Pomegranate 6463/-
muskmelon ,
Papaya (ripe) 2250/-
Mango Pakka ,
Apple 6450/-
Grape 4400/-
banana ripe 2530/-
Lychee ,

What is the rate of Wheat in Rae Bareli?

These days the arrival of wheat in the state’s Rae Bareilly mandi is normal, talk about the mandi prices, it is seen being sold at prices ranging from Rs.1900 to Rs.2400/quintal.

What is the rate of mustard in Rae Bareli?

Presently mustard is getting good prices due to good domestic and foreign demand. At present the market price of mustard is being sold in the range of Rs.5000 to Rs.6800/quintal, while government rate of mustard 5,050 per quintal has been kept.

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