[ लखनऊ मंडी भाव 2023 ] Know the price of vegetable, fruit, grain market in Lucknow today – Lucknow mandi bhav today

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Last Updated on February 27, 2023 by Pooja Kumawat

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Lucknow Mandi is well-known among the major agricultural markets of the state of Uttar Pradesh, where a good amount of crops are bought and sold daily. From the point of view of the arrival of crops, it is a big grain market – in which the arrival of vegetables, pulses, oilseeds, fruits and food crops continues.


Let us know, what are the prices of crops in vegetable, grain and fruit markets of Lucknow today –

27 February 2023 Lucknow grain market price –

major crops Maximum price in Rs. / quintal
wheat flour 2400/-
Maize 2110/-
price of rice 2510/-
barley 1730/-
Millet ,

Lucknow vegetable market price –

Lucknow Mandi Price – Pulses Crops –

Pigeon Pea 9930/-
urad kali 7420/-
mung green 7780/-
Chana Chhota Desi 5660/-
small lentils 6970/-
Matar Dal 6320/-

Bhav of Lucknow market Oilseed crops –

incoming crop Maximum price in Rs. / quintal
Mustard black – Lahi 6250/-
Groundnut ,
soybean seed ,
sesame white ,
mustard oil 15800/-

Price of Lucknow Fruit Market –

Pomegranate 6580/-
lemon 2790/-
Apple 6500/-
banana ripe 2800/-
Papaya 2590/-
monsoon 2700/-

What is the rate of potato in Lucknow mandi?

According to the quality, potato is seen to be sold as follows – Potato Chipsona – Rs.900-1400/quintal, Potato Kufri – around Rs.1400/quintal, Potato medium – running in the price around Rs.1000/quintal is |

What is the rate of wheat in Lucknow mandi?

These days the old crop of wheat is reaching the market, if we talk about the prices then good quality wheat is being sold from minimum Rs.1700 to Rs.2600/quintal. , lucknow mandi latest news

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