[ सरसों का भाव आज का राजस्थान 2023 ] Know the price of yellow mustard in Jaipur, Bharatpur, Dhaulpur, Baran, Lalsot – Rajasthan Mustard Market Bhav Today

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Last Updated on February 25, 2023 by Pooja Kumawat

Mustard price today jaipur | Mustard price today Rajasthan | Yellow mustard price today. Rajasthan Sarso Mandi Bhav

These days the old mustard crop is seen being sold in the mandis of Rajasthan at high prices. The price of mustard in the markets has become very dependent on the import-export of the country and abroad, that is, if there will be a rise and fall in the international prices, then the country’s mustard will also remain in motion. This time a good boom can be seen in the arrival of mustard in the mandis of the state. Let’s know what has been the price of mustard in the major mandis of Rajasthan today –


25 February 2023 Mustard price today Rajasthan –

market name Price in Rs/quintal
Jaipur 4920/-
Malpura 5430/-
Lalsot Mustard Market 5420/-
Alwar Sarso Mandi Bhav 5440/-
Dholpur 5420/-
Bharatpur 5400/-
Baran Mandi Mustard 5500/-
Nagaur 5450/-
vijayanagar 5420/-
Kota Mandi 5420/-
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Niwai Mustard Market 5420/-
Devli Mustard Rate 5430/-
Goluwala Mandi 5430/-
knife 5460/-
Mandawar Mustard Market 5460/-
Bassi 5400/-
gharsana mandi mustard price 5430/-
Bhilwara Mustard Market 5370/-

Mustard support price 2022-23 Rajasthan?

From the Ministry of Agriculture, Central Government For the crop year 2022-23, by increasing the old prices by Rs 400, the minimum support price of mustard is Rs 5,450 / quintal is kept

What will be the price of mustard in 2023?

The arrival of new mustard crop is awaited in the mandis of the state, due to the demand, the prices have remained good, there is continuous demand in the market and mustard oil companies. Despite getting good prices of mustard, the figures of area under mustard cultivation are coming down, due to which the prices are expected to be better in future. , mustard news today

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