[ सरसों का भाव आज का हरियाणा 2023 ] Know the price of yellow mustard in Haryana today

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Last Updated on February 27, 2023 by Pooja Kumawat

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This time, seeing the boom in mustard, there is a strong increase in the new crop. Mustard is being sold at good prices in the grain markets of Haryana and it is expected to remain the same in future also. Inflation and the demand for pure edible oils in the market have made crops like mustard, soybean, groundnut, sesame shine.

Let us know, these days what are the prices of mustard in the major mustard arrival markets of Haryana –


27 February 2023 Mustard price today Haryana –

Major Mustard Markets Maximum price in Rs. / quintal
Sirsa 5350/-
Barwala 6500/-
Adampur 5450/-
Hisar 5650/-
Mustard price in Bhiwani 6500/-
Rewari 5420/-
Mohindergarh 6600/-
Haryana Top 5 Farmer Scheme my crop my details
Fatehabad 6980/-
queen 6690/-
Hansi 6500/-
Ratia 6380/-
Ellenabad 5480/-
Narnaul 6290/-
spit out 6380/-

Where is mustard cultivated more in Haryana?

The climate and soil of the state have been considered suitable for mustard cultivation, about 11 to 15 lakh tonnes of mustard is produced every year from the state. Mainly good production is taken in Rewari, Ambala, Panipat, Ellenabad, Mahendragarh, Hisar etc.

Mustard arrival in Haryana?

This time, along with the prices, the arrivals are also being seen well, tell that due to more sowing area, more arrivals will be seen. According to the ongoing news and government figures in the country, an increase of 25-30% is believed in the total sowing area.

What is the rate of mustard in Haryana?

The increasing demand of mustard in the country has kept it shining, due to which a lot of happiness is being seen in the farmers and business class. At present, if we talk about the prices, the prices are running from 5200 to 6800 rupees / quintal. , mustard news haryana

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