[ सहारनपुर मंडी भाव 2023 ] Know Saharanpur Mandi Bhav Today – Today’s Vegetables, Grains, Fruits Rate

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Last Updated on February 27, 2023 by Ashwini Kumawat

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Saharanpur is considered to be one of the major grain markets of the state, where many agricultural products keep coming in daily. On krishisahara site, you can find soft/cotton, native cotton, gram, guar, mustard, oilseeds, pulses, soybean, coriander, lentils, moong, moth, groundnut, wheat, barley, tuvar, from all mandis of the country. You can see the latest prices of crops like maize, castor, cumin, isabgol, so let’s know what has been the market price of Saharanpur today –


February 27 2023 Saharanpur mandi price today –

name of incoming produce All prices in Rs/quintal
Wheat (Dada) 2280/-
corn yellow 2375/-
paddy first 4100/-
tide white ,
Barley 2875/-
Rice III 2980/-
rice first 7960/-
ragi ,
saharanpur mandi price grain

saharanpur vegetable market rate today –

green peas 1470/-
tomato puree 980/-
Cauliflower 1020/-
potatoes (white 675/-
Capsicum 2050/-
Cucumber 2025/-
onion (red) 1425/-
Green chilly) 2040/-
saharanpur mandi garlic price 3200/-
Ginger 3950/-
Eggplant 1350/-

Prices of Saharanpur pulses crops –

pea white 6100/-
green moong dal 9050/-
Bengal gram lentil 6750/-
urad (black) 8360/-
Pigeon Pea 10200/-
chickpea small 5860/-

Saharanpur Fruit Mandi Online Rates –

Lemon 3440/-
sweet lime / orange 2800/-
Pomegranate 6200/-
Guava 2500/-
Papaya (ripe) 2060/-
Chikoo 2850/-
Apple 5700/-
Grape 5450/-

What is the rate of soybean in Saharanpur mandi?

At present, the arrival of soyabean is weak in the Saharanpur mandi of the state, this time there is hope of good yield in the new crop, as well as the demand for oilseed crops, the prices are also expected to be good. Soybeans are running in the market around Rs 5000 to Rs 6800 / quintal – garlic prices today in the mandis of the country

saharanpur mandi contact number?

Meerut Revenue Division, Senior Agricultural Marketing Inspector, Chilkana Road Dal Mandi Shop No. A-1 Saharanpur – Office number is not available- saharanpur mandi news

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