Betul Accident News: Two bikes collided with each other, youth died in accident, three people serious

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Image Source: Dainik Bhaskar

▪️ Vijay Savarkar, Multai
A major accident took place in Multai area of ​​Betul district at 5 pm on Tuesday. Here, on the way from Khedli Bazar to Bordehi, two motor cycles collided with each other near the Bel river bridge. In the accident, a young man died tragically on the spot, while three people riding on both the bikes were seriously injured. The injured were brought to the hospital by Dial Hundred vehicle for treatment.

According to the information received, Gopal’s father Kamal Bachle, 35 years old, resident of Indira Gandhi Ward of Multai Nagar, along with his mother Sewantibai 65 years old and nephew Soumya Bachle 15 years old had gone to attend the conference organized in Amla. Around 5 pm, Gopal was coming towards Multai by bike along with his mother and nephew.

The driver of the bike coming from the opposite direction hit Gopal’s bike near village Khedlibazar. There were 3 people riding on the second bike as well. In the accident, 6 people riding on both the bikes fell and got injured. Santosh Kumre, a 30-year-old resident of Beldhana village, who was riding a bike going towards Bordehi, suffered a serious head injury. Due to which he died a painful death on the spot.

On the other hand, Pankaj’s father Kishore Pawar (32 years) and Jhanak Kumre (40 years), both residents of Beldhana, who were riding Santosh’s bike, were seriously injured. Gopal has serious injuries on his head and chest. Whereas Soumya has got hurt in her hand. Sevanti Bai has suffered a partial injury.

On receiving the information, Dial 100 reached the spot. All the five injured were brought from Dial Hundred to Multai Hospital for treatment. All the injured were treated here. Due to the critical condition of Gopal, Pankaj and Jhanak, all three have been referred to the district hospital.

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