Betul News: Now mafia and hunters will be in the third eye, cameras installed in Hivarkhedi-Seludhana forest

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Betul News: Now mafia and hunters will be in the third eye, cameras installed in Hivarkhedi-Seludhana forest
Manohar Agarwal, Khedi Sawligarh
Betul News: (Betul). Now the mafia who harms the forest and the poachers who hunt wild animals are not well. Now along with the departmental staff, third eye will also be keeping an eye on them in the forest. The forest department is now installing CCTV cameras at various places in the forest. With this, mafia and poachers can be monitored even when forest personnel are not present in the forest.

Seludhana and Hivarkhedi are known as sensitive areas of South Forest Division. Here the Forest Department has installed hi-tech CCTV cameras with state-of-the-art facilities. Assistant Forest Range Officer Anirudh Chauhan told that on the one hand forests will be protected with these cameras, while on the other hand wildlife will also be closely monitored. A camera has also been installed at the forest produce check post at Khedi. Due to which the employees doing duty at the barrier will also be facilitated. These cameras will also keep a special vigil on the new species of birds that have entered the forests.

These CCTV cameras are being operated by solar energy. Due to this, it will remain active for 24 hours and will keep capturing the moment by moment activity happening in the forest. Significantly, the scope of the forest area is very large. Compared to this, forest staff is available in very limited quantity. This is the reason why the forest workers are not able to keep an eye on everything at once. Taking advantage of this, the mafias damage the forest wealth and sometimes they hunt the precious wild animals. Many times the forest department is not able to reach the mafia and poachers due to lack of identification.

Due to this, they do not even get the punishment for their crime. This is the reason why the protection of forests is also being made hi-tech by the department. With the cameras installed, the mafia and hunters will not be able to dare to enter the forest. Even if they enter, they will be easily identified. So that they can be caught and punished.

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