Betul News: Suddenly the transformer started burning, the nearby wheat crop was saved due to the wisdom of the villagers.

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Manohar Agarwal, Khedi Sawligarh
In Khedi Sanwaligarh, located near Betul district headquarters, the accidents related to electricity are not taking the name of reducing. A few days back, a cable caught fire in a residential area of ​​Khedi Sanwaligarh. A major accident was averted here. Now at 5 pm on Saturday evening, a fire broke out after a sudden blast in the power transformer of the tap water scheme of the Gram Panchayat on Betul Marg.

Eyewitnesses told that the fire broke out in such a tremendous way that it would have engulfed the crops in the nearby fields in no time. If the fire had reached the field, even the almost ripe crop would have gone up in flames. In view of this, efforts were necessary to save the crop first.

This is the reason why the light was switched off before the pump driver Kaju Rane and lineman Mr. Sable could attempt it. After this the fire in the cable was extinguished. Later, the meter box, which was completely gutted in the fire, was doused. A large crowd had gathered at the scene of the incident. The fire was barely brought under control.

It is told that if the pump driver Kaju Rane had not reached the spot, then perhaps the wheat crop would have been gifted to this transformer. Due to this fire, the water supply of the panchayat can also be affected. There is a possibility that the transformer may have to be changed. In such a situation, water supply will be possible only after that.

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