Buri Nazar ke Totke: Child’s evil eye will go away in minutes, know these remedies

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Buri Nazar ke Totke: Child's evil eye will go away in minutes, know these remediesTricks of evil eye: In Hinduism, the ancient traditions and beliefs that have been going on since the time of our forefathers are still a part of our lives. One of these beliefs is that children get evil eye. If you are looking for ways to get evil eye or to get rid of the evil eye of children, then first of all it is important for you to know that getting evil eye is not a disease. Many people also give it the name of superstition, but the believers believe that due to the evil eye, children become ill or stop eating and drinking. We are giving you information about the measures to avoid the evil eye of children.

Buri Nazar ke Totke How to save children from evil eye

Fill salt in the fist of your hand and close it. Now the child who has got evil eye, rotate this salted fist seven times from head to toe and pour the salt in some dirty place. Pour enough water there so that all the salt gets washed away. As soon as this remedy is done, the child’s eyesight starts deteriorating.

Take the child to Hanumanji’s temple on Saturday. There, take vermilion from the shoulder of the statue of Bajrang Bali and apply it on the forehead of the child. With this, the evil eye of the child will go away immediately, as well as all other types of negative powers will also stay away from the child.

Take alum and yellow mustard seven times on the head of the child who has got evil eye and rotate it seven times. After this, put alum and yellow mustard in the burning earthen stove. This remedy has to be done thrice in a day. After the third time, the evil eye will go away completely.

If the child has got evil eye and is not benefiting from any remedy, then do this trick. Take a small earthen pot and put red chillies, celery and yellow mustard in it and burn it. Now turn the earthen pot with this burning material over the head of the child and throw it somewhere outside. This will remove the sight immediately.

Many times, due to being blind, children start hesitating to drink milk. In this situation, take raw milk and turn it over the child 7 times and give it to a black dog to drink. As soon as the dog drinks the milk used in the remedy (Tantra Mantra), the child’s eyesight will go away.

Sometimes the child does not even drink the mother’s milk. In such a situation, take three small branches of tamarind and burn them from one side. Holding these burning tamarind pieces from the other end, turn them over the child 7 times and extinguish them with water. This also gives instant relief.

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