Holi Ki Recipe: Include sev laddoos in Holi sweets, know the recipe

Source – Social Media Holi Ki Recipe: Only a few days are left for Holi. In such a situation, after cleaning the house, it is time to make sweets. Today we have brought some sweet dish for you and that is Sev Ke Laddoos. These are made from gram flour and look very tasty to … Read more

Dahi Bhalla Recipe: Sour, sweet and some spicy Dahi Bhalla can be made at home very easily.

Source – Social Media Dahi Bhalla Recipe: Dahi Bhalla is such a dish that people like very much all over India and eat it with great passion. If you want to eat sour, sweet and spicy, then you can make Dahi Bhalla. Many people think that It is very difficult to make Dahi Bhalla at … Read more

Mix Fruit Salad Recipe: If you want to keep your health healthy then make healthy mix fruit salad recipe with fresh fruits like this

Source – Social Media Mix Fruit Salad Recipe: Eating fruits is considered very good for health. It is also very beneficial for health. You can also make mix fruit salad by mixing many fruits together. Apple, Kiwi, Pineapple, Papaya, Grapes, Pomegranate, Pear, Strawberry These fruits are not only rich in water content but also rich … Read more

Aloo Papad Recipe: Make very tasty and crunchy potato papad in this easy way

Source – Social Media Aloo Papad Recipe: As soon as winter is over, the sun has started getting brighter. It is a very popular Indian snack made in most of the Indian homes. Potato Papad is a crunchy snack dish. Potato papads are very tasty, you can easily make them at home. Potato papads are … Read more

Papaya Halwa Recipe: Very beneficial for health, make tasty and nutritious papaya pudding like this

Source – Social Media Papaya Halwa Recipe: Papaya is very beneficial for our body, eating it gives us relief from many problems. Papaya is also such a fruit which gets many health benefits by eating it. People like to eat ripe papaya, but many people eat raw papaya curry or marmalade as well. Papaya helps … Read more