Action Against Spurious Milk: If fake or adulterated milk is sold now, then it is not good, instructions to the collectors to run a special campaign

Action Against Spurious Milk: Madhya Pradesh Food Safety Administration Commissioner Dr. Sudam Khade has instructed all district collectors to run a special campaign to prevent fake, adulterated milk and other milk products made from it. Commissioner Dr. Sudam Khade has asked all the collectors to conduct special campaigns against businessmen who manufacture, collect and sell … Read more

Betul Jalsankat: All handpumps in the village closed, villagers yearning for drops, villagers forced to bring water from other villages

Manohar Aggarwal, Khedi Sawligarh Betul Jalsankat: The summer season has not started yet, but from now the villagers are getting worried for drinking water in the rural areas. In Peepaldhana village of Panchayat Sarad of Betul district, the PHE department had made water available for drinking water in Peepal Dhana last year by installing a … Read more

Betul Latest News: Outcry for water, the contractor got the electricity of the tap water scheme done, the water life mission became a white elephant

▪️ Manohar Agarwal, Khedi Sawligarh Betul Latest News: Under the Jal Jeevan Mission, claims are being made to supply water to every household in rural areas, but the ground reality is something else. The reality is that even after spending lakhs and crores of rupees, the villagers have to worry for every drop of water. … Read more

Betul Today News: 31 children ill with food poisoning, MLA Pandagre reached the hospital to know about their condition

▪️ Pravin Agarwal, Ghoradongri Betul Today News: Children fell ill on Thursday evening due to food poisoning in Chhatarpur gram panchayat of Chhatarpur gram panchayat of Ghoradongri development block of Betul district. To know the health condition of these children, MLA Dr. Yogesh Pandagre reached Ghoradongri Community Health Center on Friday. BJP leaders Vishal Batra, … Read more

Today Betul Update: Collector inspected CM Rice School and Hospital, summoned response from BMO on finding flaws

Ankit Suryavanshi, Amla Collector Amanbir Singh Bains along with the officials inspected the CM Rice School being operated in Amla on Friday. Along with this, the land for the construction of CM Rice School building was also inspected. During the inspection of the Civil Hospital, Collector Mr. Bains also found some flaws. Answer has been … Read more

Betul News: Engine failure of express train going from Rameswaram to Banaras, standing on outer for two hours

▪️ Vijay Savarkar, Multai Betul News: Due to technical fault in the engine of the express train going from Rameswaram to Banaras, the train has been standing at the outer for more than two hours. Due to which many passenger trains passing through the up track are running late from their scheduled time. It is … Read more

MP News: Buffalo will now be available with milch cow in this scheme, beneficiary contribution is now only 10 percent

Source – Social Media MP News: The Madhya Pradesh government has modified the “Chief Minister’s Milk Cow Supply Program” and implemented it as “Chief Minister’s Milk Cattle Supply Program”. Now, apart from milch cow, buffalo can also be supplied in the program as per the intention of the beneficiary. Along with this, the benefit of … Read more

Betul Suicide News: Uploaded private photos with the girl on Facebook and committed suicide, relatives expressed fear of murder

Betul Suicide News: The dead body of a young man from village Chandu of Bhimpur block of Betul was found near the railway line in Khakra Jamthi adjacent to Betul. The youth had come to Betul on Wednesday to buy something. Intimate photos with a girl before his death are also going viral on Facebook, … Read more