Betul Accident News: Bike driver hit by truck after colliding with auto, died on the spot

▪️ Vijay Savarkar, Multai Betul Accident News: The bike driver coming from Parmandal towards Multai in front of Mahindra tractor showroom in Betul Road area collided with the auto running in front of the bike and collided and fell on the road. Meanwhile, the young man died on the spot after coming under the grip … Read more

Betul News: Engine failure of express train going from Rameswaram to Banaras, standing on outer for two hours

▪️ Vijay Savarkar, Multai Betul News: Due to technical fault in the engine of the express train going from Rameswaram to Banaras, the train has been standing at the outer for more than two hours. Due to which many passenger trains passing through the up track are running late from their scheduled time. It is … Read more