Dharmendra and Naseeruddin Shah will be seen together in a new series: Taj Divided By Blood

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Taj Divided By Blood: Till now you must have seen many films and serials on Mughal Empire, Jodha-Akbar and Salim-Anarkali. Till now, in most of the stories, only the expansion of the Mughal Empire and the emperor’s love story have been shown on the screen. This time apart from all this, brothers can be seen fighting and testing each other for the crown in the Mughal Empire. The story of this bloody battle for the Taj is shown in ‘Taj-Divided by Blood’. In this web series, some of the mysteries of the rule of the Mughals will be revealed. Not only this, some sex scandals of that time have also been talked about in this series. Dharmendra will also be seen in the series after a long time along with Naseeruddin Shah, Aditi Rao Hydari. A high drama series based on the Mughal Empire all set to stream on 3rd March on ZEE5. This series will be released in Hindi as well as in Tamil and Telugu languages.

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Taj Divided By Blood: You will have to sacrifice happiness to get the kingdom

Which of his sons is the right candidate for the Mughal Emperor Akbar’s throne and has the ability to lead the empire forward? As has been happening, the eldest son is entitled to the crown, whether he is capable or not. But Akbar chose different criteria to divide the reins of his inheritance among his sons. Uncovering some untold aspects of Akbar and his next generation, the story of ‘Taj Divided by Blood’ depicts the story of the contest and struggle for the Taj. In the trailer of the series, Akbar declares that it is not necessary for the crown to be the first born heir. He tells his sons that when the time comes to choose a successor, he will look at merit. Prince Murad who already considers himself the heir apparent. On the other hand, Prince Salim, who is addicted to art and a lavish lifestyle, does not care about the Taj. And the third son, Daniyal, has his own issues. But amidst the pressure on them for the crown, there is a disturbance among everyone from their mothers to Akbar’s advisors. There begins a different story of pomegranate bud. What’s new in this series in the story of Salim and Anarkali. But in the same old style, Akbar is seen threatening Anarkali. Not only this, he even advises his sons for the crown that if ‘the one who is destined to become an emperor, he has to sacrifice his happiness’. Will the story of Salim and Anar Kali grow or the bloody battle for the Taj? This will be known after watching the series. Seeing the trailer, it can be guessed that an attempt has been made to show the story of love and Taj in a new way.


Naseeruddin Shah, Aditi Rao Hydari and Asim Gulati will be seen in the lead roles. In this series, after a long time, Dharmendra, who is called Heeman of Bollywood, is going to be seen. Many other well-known actors like Sandhya Mridul, Rahul Bose, Zarina Bahab and Subodh Bhave will be seen in the series.

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