Do fertilizer business with cow-buffalo dung

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In the villages, most of the cattle rearers are seen using cow-buffalo dung to make cow dung or else throw it away considering it useless.

However, in today’s era, cow dung is being used from making cow dung to making manure for the fields.

there will be tremendous income

Presently the government is also encouraging the farmers to do natural farming.

The use of cow dung becomes very important in its cultivation, by using it, farmers can increase the production of their crops by making vermicompost to vermicompost.

use of vermicompost

Earthworm manure increases the amount of organic matter and the number of bacteria in the soil and provides continuity to biological activities in the soil.

The use of earthworm manure helps in making suitable soil temperature.

With its use, less weeds grow in the land and less diseases occur in the plants.

How to use Jivamrit

Jeevamrit is used along with irrigation water, directly on the surface of the land between two plants and by sprinkling on the standing crop.

Can be done with irrigation water at the rate of 200 liters per acre once or twice a month according to availability.

Business of making biogas plant

Biogas is produced by a biochemical process, under which certain types of bacteria convert organic waste into usable biogas. The main component of this gas is methane gas.

Organic waste is used to make biogas. Hence it is called organic gas or biogas.

You can earn a good profit by installing a biogas plant made of cow dung.

You can also get financial help from the government to set up the plant.

What are the benefits of planting a plant?

Many types of benefits are obtained by setting up a biogas plant.

Some of these benefits are as follows –

  • Cow and buffalo dung is used to make biogas. This will solve the problem of dumping cow dung in the open and mosquitoes and flies will not flourish.
  • Electricity can be produced from biogas. This allows power tools to be run.
  • By setting up a biogas plant, dairies and gaushalas can increase their income by producing manure, electricity and cooking gas. Apart from this, it can also give the benefit of biogas to the surrounding villages.
  • The problem of pollution can be reduced by installing a biogas plant.
  • After biogas production, it provides natural manure. Farmers can use it in the fields. Better crop production can be achieved by its use.
  • Biogas produces smokeless gas which can be used for cooking like LPG gas.

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