Favorable weather and improved cultivation methods for sowing urad

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India is the leading country in the production of Urad. mainly urad cultivation kharif season is done in

Its demand is highest in the market, because about 23 to 27 percent protein is found in urad dal.

not here urad crop It is also used by farmers as fertilizer in their fields.

Sowing of Urad

So let’s know about the cultivation of Urad in this article today.

suitable climate

Cultivation of Urad For this, the summer season is considered best.

The temperature of 25 to 35 degree is best for the good growth of its crop and at the same time a little more water is needed for its cultivation.

That’s why urad is cultivated in areas with about 700 to 900 mm of rainfall. But keep in mind that there should not be much water.

If seen, the suitable time for sowing for urad cultivation is on the arrival of monsoon, that is, it should be sown in the last days of June.

While sowing, the distance of the plants should be at least 10 cm and the seeds should also be sown at about 4 to 6 cm depth.

On the other hand, in summer it is sown in the last days of February or in the beginning of April.

Advanced Method of Urad Farming

  • Irrigation is not required for urad cultivation, but its crops must be irrigated 3 to 4 times during cultivation. The first irrigation of the crop should be done in the form of pelva and the rest at an interval of 20 days.
  • For the good growth of the crop, weeding, hoeing, kulpa and dora etc. should be done from time to time.
  • It is also very important to sprinkle the sleep killer Vaseline in the crop, but it is very important to take care of its quantity in the field. Spray it by dissolving 800 ml to 1000 ml in 250 liters of water per acre.
  • The most danger of weed remains in its crop. To prevent this, spray Vaseline-1 kg per hectare with 1000 liters of water in the field before sowing and then after sowing, sprinkle pendimethalin 25 kg in 1000 liters of water dissolved in the crop.
  • In the end, pay utmost attention to the crop for about 15 days.

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