fun with betul update: If you want to stay healthy then fill your life with colors of laughter…

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fun with betul update: If you want to stay healthy then fill your life with colors of laughter...
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fun with betul update: Being healthy makes today’s life happy, and it is necessary to laugh to remain healthy, today people are suffering from many diseases, this is the reason why people have forgotten to laugh, in present times, it is very important to laugh to stay healthy. Laughing makes the mind happy and makes you think positively. One should not wait for a special occasion to laugh.

Whenever you get time in the day, you should laugh openly. Laughing makes us happy and we stay away from stress. Along with this, the glow of the face remains intact. If you make a habit of laughing in the morning and evening, then you can avoid serious diseases caused by mental stress. That’s why we have brought some funny jokes and chutkule for you, after reading which you will not be able to stop laughing.

Funny Jokes – It is important to laugh (fun with betul update)

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As soon as Pappu reached the college, he started jumping with happiness…!

Gappu- What happened, how is he so happy?

Pappu- Today for the first time a girl talked to me in the metro!

Gappu- Wow brother, what happened?

Pappu- I was sitting, she said get up, this is ladies seat…!

Electric wire fell on Pappu.

Pappu was about to die in agony when suddenly he remembered that the electricity had been switched off for two days.

Getting back up, laughingly said, if the brother-in-law had not remembered, he would have died!

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A mouse fell into a glass of wine…

A cat was passing from there. The mouse said to the cat – get me out of here,

Even if you want to eat me. The cat kicked the glass and dropped the glass.

The mouse ran out and entered the hole.

The cat said – liar, cheater, you were saying to throw me out, even if you want, of course eat me.

The mouse smiled and said – don’t be angry, I was drunk at that time.

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