fun with betul update: we have brought you funny jokes and chutkule to make you laugh and laugh

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fun with betul update: we have brought you funny jokes and chutkule to make you laugh and laugh
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fun with betul update: Being healthy makes today’s life happy, and it is necessary to laugh to stay healthy, today people are suffering from many diseases, this is the reason people have forgotten to laugh, it is very important to laugh to stay healthy in the present time. Laughing makes the mind happy and makes you think positively. One should not wait for a special occasion to laugh.

Whenever you get time in the day, you should laugh openly. Laughing makes us happy and we stay away from stress. Along with this, the glow of the face remains intact. If you make a habit of laughing in the morning and evening, then you can avoid serious diseases caused by mental stress. That’s why we have brought some funny jokes and chutkule for you, after reading which you will not be able to stop laughing.

Funny Jokes – It is important to laugh (fun with betul update)

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Doctor – For whom are the glasses to be made?
Bablu – for the teacher.
Doctor – But why?
Bablu- Because he always sees me as a donkey.

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If I stay offline, only pulses, roti, job and
family is concerned
as soon as online
Religion, Society, Politics, Country, World
and the concerns of the whole universe
starts happening
common Indian citizen
this is the era
where man falls
laughs out
and if the mobile falls
dies out

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a gentleman was telling
He has been listening to the teachings of Gita for the last 20 years…!
found out that
Geeta is the name of his wife…!!!

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When Chintu asked Pintu why brother is sitting sad

Pintu- What happened brother, why are you sitting sad?

Chintu- Yesterday the anchor of a news channel had said

Let us take you to Goa.

Since then I have been sitting ready, no one has come.

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Sister-in-law, what will you become in the next life
Brother-in-law – I will become a cockroach!
Sister- why do you want to be a cockroach
Brother-in-law- because your sister is only afraid of cockroaches…
After that, sister-in-law told this thing to her sister.
Then brother-in-law is in bed for four days

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