Holi Ki Recipe: Include sev laddoos in Holi sweets, know the recipe

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Holi Ki Recipe: Include sev laddoos in Holi sweets, know the recipe
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Holi Ki Recipe: Only a few days are left for Holi. In such a situation, after cleaning the house, it is time to make sweets. Today we have brought some sweet dish for you and that is Sev Ke Laddoos. These are made from gram flour and look very tasty to eat. It does not take much time to make sev laddoos. so let’s know sev laddoos recipe.

Material :

  • Gram flour
  • Water
  • Jaggery (for syrup)
  • oil (for frying)

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Holi Ki Recipe: Method –

1. First of all, add some oil and water to the gram flour.

2. Mix this mixture well. It should not be too thin or too thick.

3. Now take a mold. Apply oil well in it.

4. Now pour gram flour mixture in the mold and start frying slowly in oil.

5. Fry till the sev turns golden in colour.

6. When all the sev are made, mash them with light hands so that it becomes easy to make laddoos.
Place the jaggery in a pan to melt it.

7. When the jaggery melts well, take down the pan and add sev to it and mix well.

8. Apply water on hands and tie hot laddus.

9. Your laddoos are ready.

Watch the video below (Sev Ke Laddu Recipe)

Source: Bhavna Cooking World

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