India and Australia: Great news for Indians! Special agreement between India and Australia, now they will get facility

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India and Australia: Great news for Indians!  Special agreement between India and Australia, now they will get facility

India and Australia: India and Australia signed a framework mechanism for mutual recognition of qualifications that will help ease the movement of students and professionals between the two countries. The agreement was signed after a bilateral meeting between India’s Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan and Australian Education Minister Jason Claire in New Delhi on 2 March. The agreement is part of the commitment shown by the Prime Ministers of the two countries at the 2nd India-Australia Virtual Summit held on 21 March 2022, under which the two leaders agreed to set up a Joint Task Force for Mutual Recognition of Qualifications.

Accordingly, a task force was constituted consisting of senior officials from the Ministries of Education and Skills and regulatory bodies from both sides. The task force recommended a comprehensive mechanism that covers education and skill qualifications of both countries and facilitates two-way movement of youth for education and employment purposes by mutually recognizing different levels of education and skill qualifications. will help to make.

Addressing the media, Shri Pradhan said that the signing of the G-to-G Mechanism for Mutual Recognition of Qualifications, the announcement of the IEIF Critical Skills Project and 11 Institutional MoUs marked a historic moment in the educational relationship between India and Australia. Today’s developments will create more opportunities for two-way movement of students and professionals for the purpose of education and employment, and pave the way for education to be the biggest enabler for realizing the shared aspirations of the India-Australia bilateral relationship.

This said Australian Education Minister Jason Clare (India and Australia,

Addressing the media jointly, Australian Education Minister Jason Clare said that Australia looks forward to broadening the partnership between the two countries in the areas of education as well as skills. He further said that the agreement signed today will make it easier for students to study in each other’s country and will also recognize different levels of educational and skill related qualifications. Appreciating the National Education Policy presented by India, the Australian Minister said that it is amazing in its scope and will transform India through creation of jobs, businesses, economic productivity and opportunities in all sectors.

This is the target of India for the year 2035

He said India has set a target of providing 50 per cent of its youth with higher education or skill education by 2035 and Australia would be privileged to partner with India in this programme. Australian universities are keen to work with their Indian counterparts through joint/dual degrees or through partnering institutions, which have recently been facilitated under NEP2020. The Australian Minister said that Australia wants to take forward the intensity and seriousness of the relationship between the two countries by promoting partnership in the education sector.

Cooperation will also be done in the agriculture sector.India and Australia,

Responding to questions from the media, Mr Clare said the Australian Government will contribute $1.89 million to India to conduct a skills program in the critical agriculture sector. He further informed that Australia is working on the highest priority to reduce the backlog of education visas for Indian students. Mr. Clare thanked Mr. Pradhan for the welcome and hospitality and said that he looked forward to meeting him at the end of the year.

Australia: the preferred destination for higher education

In recent years, Australia has become one of the most preferred destinations among Indian students for higher education and for acquiring vocational skills. Talks are ongoing to facilitate more Australian students to come to India for short and long term studies, internships and research. There is immense potential for institutional cooperation between India and Australia in higher education, skill development and training etc. The Government of India has taken several initiatives to partner with foreign institutions in the field of higher education, especially by facilitating joint/dual degree programmes. Australia is also an important partner in skill development and vocational training and the two countries are working together on capacity building and training.

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