Main vegetables sown in March-April season

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March month is considered suitable for planting many main vegetables.

To get good prices in the market, so many vegetables are sown in the months of March to April.

In such a situation, let us know about the vegetables sown during the month of March to April and their advanced varieties-

improved varieties

After sowing in the month of February, farmers prepare vegetables to be sown in March-April.

If the cultivation of vegetables is done properly and according to the season, then good money can be earned.

But many times it is seen that our farmer brothers are not able to make the right choice of vegetable cultivation according to the season, due to which they have to face losses.

In such a situation, if farmer brothers sow vegetables according to the season, then they can earn lakhs from it.

So let us know here that which vegetables should be cultivated by the farmer brothers during the month of March to April for good yield and better profits and which are the advanced varieties of these vegetables.

gourd cultivation

Bottle gourd is considered a low water crop, so you can cultivate it in the month of March-April. Bottle gourd is considered very good for health and it is also considered cool.

That’s why people like to eat it more in summer. You will not even need much land for its cultivation.

It is cultivated from hilly areas to the states of South India.

Its cultivation requires hot and humid climate.

For direct sowing, soak the seeds in water for 24 hours before sowing.

Due to this the germination process of seeds becomes dynamic. After this the seeds can be sown in the field.

The improved varieties for its cultivation are Pusa Satushtib, Pusa Sandesh (round fruit), Pusa Samriddhi- and Pusa Hybrid 3, Narendra Rashmi, Narendra Shishir, Narendra Dharidar, Kashi Ganga, Kashi Bahar.

Cucumber Farming

It is considered good to eat cucumber in summer. In such a situation, you can earn good profit in summer by sowing cucumber in the month of March.

Its use in summer brings coolness to the stomach and also reduces the chances of heat stroke.

Hot and dry climate is suitable for its advanced cultivation.

For its cultivation, one can choose any of the advanced varieties Arka Sheetal, Lucknow Early, Nasdar, Stemless Long Green and Sikkim Cucumber.

cultivation of coriander

You can do coriander cultivation during March and April.

Because the arrival of coriander decreases in this season, due to which you can get a higher price in the market.

You can earn good profit by selling its green leaves in the market.

The advanced varieties for its cultivation are Swati variety, Rajendra Swati variety, Gujarat Coriander-1, Gujarat Coriander-2, Sadhna variety.

ladyfinger Cultivation of

Farmers can sow early variety of okra in the month of March.

Due to the decrease in its arrival in the summer season, the prices increase considerably.

In such a situation, if good and hybrid seed is planted, then good yield can be obtained from it.

But it is also important to keep in mind that the irrigation system should be very good for okra cultivation.

It can be cultivated in any soil. For cultivation, the soil should be made loose by plowing the field two to three times and then sowing should be done by leveling it using a plough.

Sowing should be done in row. It is very important to do first weeding after 15-20 days of sowing.

Its improved varieties are Hisar Unnat, VRO-6, Pusa A-4, Parbhani Kranti, Punjab-7, Arka Anamika, Varsha Uphaar, Arka Abhay, Hisar Naveen, HBH.

bitter gourd farming

The demand of bitter gourd is always high in the market. Because it is very beneficial for health,

Its crop prepared in summer is multi-useful. Farmers can earn better profit from this.

Bitter gourd crop is grown in many types of soil all over India.

By the way, for its good growth and production, loamy soil with good drainage is considered suitable.

Its improved varieties are as follows- Pusa Hybrid 1,2, Pusa Two Seasonal, Pusa Special, Kalyanpur, Priya Co-1, SDU-1, Coimbatore Long, Kalyanpur Sona, Perennial Bitter Gourd, Punjab Bitter Gourd- 1, Punjab- 14 , solan green, solan, perennial.

Spinach farming

The heat increases from March onwards, so the demand for spinach increases a lot in summer.

But most of the farmers do not have the best irrigation facilities, so most of the farmers are not able to cultivate spinach.

That’s why the farmers who cultivate spinach get a very good price.

Farmers can sow it in sandy loam soil. Along with this, prepare the soil for plowing by plowing it.

After this, do one plowing with the plow and run the harrow or cultivator 3 times so that the soil becomes loose.

Now you can sow it by leveling it. The thing to note is that farmers should sow spinach in a row.

Its advanced varieties are Pusa Palak, Pusa Harit, Pusa Jyoti, Banerjee Giant, Hisar Selection 23, Pant’s Composite 1, Spinach No. 51-16.

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