What should I do if IOS16 is stuck at the startup LOGO when the data is downgraded? Teach you how to successfully repair the white apple and return to iOS15!

Since the release of iOS16 and iPadOS16 at the 2022 Global Developers Conference last week, fruit fans have been attracted by the newly added functions such as custom lock screen, one-click photo album cutout, real-time editing and withdrawal of information, etc. Early adopters have already upgraded to the iOS16 beta version, Experience new features. However, after the … Read more

Four Ways to Change Your WiFi Password

WiFi has become very ubiquitous and an essential part of our daily lives, and the most common way to surf the Internet. However, if you have WiFi in your home, it must be protected with a password to prevent greedy attempts to steal your bandwidth. Your password needs to be strong so that it is not easily … Read more