Maruti Alto K10 EMI: This cool car brought home on EMI like bike, mileage is also the highest

Maruti Alto K10 EMI : Everyone dreams of owning a car, but due to lack of budget, not everyone is able to buy a car. But now this will not happen. Everyone will be able to fulfill the dream of having a car. Actually, there is such a car in the market, which can be … Read more

Wednesday Special Bhajan | Listen to the melodious hymns of Shri Ganesh ji and Krishna ji today

Wednesday Special Hymn: We should start the day with positive energy. There can be no better and better way of positive energy than worshiping God. When we get to listen to God’s hymns early in the morning, then our mind also remains calm and will be full of energy throughout the day. For this “Betul … Read more

[ बंजर भूमि क्या है 2023 ] Know why land becomes barren, profit-loss, types, rules of possession, solutions for barren land improvement

Last Updated on March 1, 2023 by krishna sahara The most useless land from the point of view of fertility is considered as barren land., Government rent on this type of land, and agricultural produce is very less. This type of land is mostly found in the form of forest land. In the barren land … Read more

Betul Today News: Illegally operated medical store sealed, here the collector found deficiencies in the inspection of the hostel

Betul Today News: In Betul on Wednesday, Chief Medical and Health Officer (CMHO) Dr. Suresh Buddh conducted a surprise inspection of medical stores and clinics. During this, a medical store was sealed when flaws were found. At the same time, showcause notices have been issued to two medical stores, a dental hospital and a dental … Read more

Betul Collector Amanbir Singh Action: Clerk suspended for demanding bribe, show cause notice to seven supervisors, warning to Assistant Head

Betul Collector Amanbir Singh Action: Collector Amanbir Singh Bains has suspended a clerk of the health department posted at Aathner in Betul district. The clerk had asked for Rs 100 for the birth certificate, while the certificate was not given on time. On the other hand, show cause notices are being issued to 7 invigilators … Read more

Rates of major mandis of Madhya Pradesh

Through this post, you can know the prices of major mandis of Madhya Pradesh. Search to see daily market price Mandi Bhav Madhya Pradesh 01 March 2023 Indore market price Crop the minimum Rate maximum value model price Mustard , Soybean 1725 5330 5245 wheat 1800 2661 2000 Wheat Sujata , High tide , … Read more

Indore mandi price, today’s latest price

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