Plant these medicinal trees: only leaves will earn lakhs

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These leaves are in high demand in the market

About 50 percent of the country’s population is dependent on agriculture for their livelihood. Different types of trees and plants are cultivated here.

There are many such trees, whose cultivation cost is low, but their leaves are in great demand in the market. These leaves are sold in the market at good prices.

You can earn lakhs even just by selling these leaves.

Bay leaf

Bay leaf is in great demand in the market. It is also used to make the dish tasty.

Apart from this, consumption of bay leaves is also advised against many diseases.

The government also gives subsidy for its cultivation. According to experts, you can earn 5 thousand from the leaves of a bay leaf tree.

With its 25 to 30 trees, you can earn an income of above 1 lakh annually.

banana leaf

Banana leaves are also in great demand in the market. For the people cultivating banana, its leaf can prove to be a means of earning double profits.

One, banana fruit is sold in the market at good prices.

Now food trays and plates are being made from its leaves.

In such a situation, banana leaf can prove to be a better option for earning.

Betel leaf

Betel cultivation is done on a large scale in many areas of the country.

Due to the craze of betel, different prices of green and yellow betel are available in the market.

Apart from this, you can also sell leaves at betel oil making plants.

Bumper subsidy is also given by the government on betel cultivation.

Farmers can easily earn lakhs from betel cultivation by using subsidy.

drumstick leaf

Cultivation of drumstick leaves is giving good income to the farmers at low cost.

After sowing drumstick once, it does not have to be sown for four years.

Millions of profits can be earned only by selling its leaves and pods.

Please tell that drumstick is a medicinal plant. Its leaves are used as an Ayurvedic herb.

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