The National Lottery Set For Life Numbers Monday, 2nd May 2022 Today. Set For Life Lucky Numbers Tonight’s winning numbers. Set For Life Results Monday is a lottery draw from the national lottery which is held every Thursday at 20:15. Two main numbers plus a bonus ball are drawn from a pool of 1-59 and 00. Set for life has a rollover of £200,000 so the total amount of money that can be won is £4,000,000.

The Set For Life Lottery Ticket Checker gives you a chance to win up to £500,000 every week for the rest of your life. The game is completely free to play. All you need to do is pick 5 numbers from 1 to 75. This means that your chance of matching at least one number is more than 1 in 3. The game has been running since October 2017 and already one winner has scooped the top prize. Future jackpots are not guaranteed, so make sure you don’t miss out.

Set For Life Lottery Ticket Checker

The lottery is played by matching 3 numbers plus the bonus ball and comes with a £1 million jackpot. set for life numbers for Monday, May 2nd, 2022 Tonight’s winning numbers

Set For Life Numbers Monday, 2nd May 2022

Draw Date: Monday, 2nd May 2022
Life Ball:

Set For Life Results For April 28, 2022 Winners Numbers

Set For Life Results Prize breakdown:- Click Here

Draw Date: Thursday, Apr 28, 2022
Numbers: 5, 13, 21, 42, 47
Life Ball: 6

Set For Life Results: Checker

Draw Date: Numbers: Life Ball:
Thu, Apr 28, 2022 5, 13, 21, 42, 47 6
Monday, 18 April 2022 7, 9, 12, 31, 43 7
Thursday, 14 April 2022 11, 17, 28, 34, 42 9
Monday, 11 April 2022 3 – 11 – 25 – 42 – 47 8
Thursday,7 April 2022 8 – 11 – 19 – 31 – 33 7
Numbers: 7 – 34 – 38 – 44 – 46
Life Ball: 9
Draw Date: Monday, 4 April 2022

set for life results for 31st march 2022 winners numbers

Numbers: 14 – 23 – 33 – 38 – 39
Life Ball: 7
Draw Date: Thursday, 31 March 2022

Set For Life Results Monday 28 March 2022 winners numbers

Numbers: 29 – 32 – 42 – 44 – 46
Life Ball: 3
Draw Date: Monday, 28 March 2022

Prize Breakdown

Around the world, millions of people are dreaming about winning numbers the lottery. Whether it be a local lottery or the global lottery, these people are hoping to make a killing by winning the lottery. The question is, how likely are you to win the lottery?
The following blog will look at the odds of winning a lottery.

There was a time when the Set For Life lottery draw was not the event you wanted to miss. It was the big lottery that offered a cash prize of $1,000,000 for the winner. That was until the jackpot was so big that lotteries had to change the rules around them. Now it is rare to see a Set For Life lottery draw and the last one was back in December 2017. We are now waiting for the next one which will be on Monday, 2nd May 2022. This blog will look at the draw and the rule changes made to the Set For life lottery draw

Set for Life is a lottery game that is held in the United Kingdom. It offers players the chance to win up to £2 million pounds. As part of the lottery, there is a draw that takes place every week with a top prize of £250,000 pounds. Here are the results for the Set for Life lottery draw on Monday, 2nd May 2022.

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