The Kapil sharma Show: When Akshay Kumar reached ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’, Kapil Sharma’s mother opened up, told the story of her son’s childhood

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The Kapil sharma Show: When Akshay Kumar reached 'The Kapil Sharma Show', Kapil Sharma's mother opened up, told the story of her son's childhood
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The Kapil Sharma Show: Comedian’s mother Janak Rani also appeared with Akshay Kumar in TV’s most popular laughter show The Kapil Sharma Show. She was seen narrating stories from her son’s childhood. She will tell how Kapil Sharma was very naughty in his childhood. If Akshay Kumar’s entry happens on the show, then there is full-on fun. In this episode, this time on the show when ‘Selfie’ star Akshay Kumar came to promote his film. So he will be seen here for the promotion of the film as well as exposing Kapil Sharma.

Actually, Akshay Kumar, Nora Fatehi, Sonam Bajwa and Mouni Roy are all going on a world tour. These people were seen performing live at various places in the country and abroad. So it is going to be a tremendous experience for the audience. By the way, it has been seen that whenever an actress has appeared on Kapil’s show. So the flirt angle of the comedian with him has looked tremendous. Laughter was heard echoing throughout the house.

This time on Kapil Sharma’s show, more than the comedian, his mother will be seen spreading colors of fun. Recently a new promo of Kapil Sharma Show has surfaced. In which the comedian’s mother is seen publicly exposing her son. Kapil Sharma himself posted a clip from the show in which his mother and Akshay had a conversation in Punjabi. Let’s show the video.

watch video here

Mother told Kapil Sharma’s childhood story (The Kapil Sharma Show)

Kapil’s mother Janak Rani told that in the village there used to be space outside the houses of the people, so he used to keep a pudiya in front of the door of all the houses except the number five house. After which, when it was morning, people used to open the doors of their houses, then pudiya was kept. People used to think that who went out of the house after doing witchcraft. After listening to the whole story, the audience started laughing out loud along with Akshay and the other three actresses. Even Kapil could not stop laughing.

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